Monday, June 7, 2010

an introduction to me...

Ciao, I'm Dani
The journey of my life began on the 20th of April 1992, when a small white girl with a mass of dark hair was introduced to 'life' - we shook hands and he showed me around a place I would call home - Harvey. Small to say the least, and full of cattle, orange juice, and open paddocks in the South West region of Western Australia. From there at the age of 6 we moved up in the world and took a step closer to civilization and moved to Bunbury. Here life was full of singing, dancing, school, and ummm, well that's about all there was to do there. Until finally my life (at age 13) found a new setting. A place with buildings higher than 15 stories, more TV channels, more clothing stores, a handsome boyfriend, a lovely church, a bigger house, and the place I now call home - Perth. So continue with me on this journey, as I realise that what I wear represents who I am. Follow me while I try on many outfits, some that suck, some that succeed, and attempt to create this phenomenon that is 'style', and my own one at that! Enjoy, it will be a pleasure sharing life with you,
God bless.
Dan x

PS. This is the Cannon 450D, and I am wearing 'Damned' velvet matte lip pencil by NARS

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