Tuesday, June 29, 2010

la galette de france

As a perfect start to the week, I caught up with a dear friend Monday for coffee (and pastries) well deserved after 4 years separation! We found ourselves in 'La Galette De France' in Nedlands, surrounded by white window frames and the odd eiffel tower around the place.
Theses are just some photos of my lovely afternoon. However I did forget my SLR (regardless of the fact I live about 2 minutes away) so these are from my iPhone. Not too bad I suppose. And I even used iPhone Photoshop - yeah I wouldn't recommend it, but for a phone app it's not too bad. Anyway the little photographs are cute and the experience was Francios to the say the least...

(This was off the internet. But how cute is it!)

The not-so-french purchase that allowed for 'cash out'

Monique stuck with the theme and wore her beret - what a chic chick ;)

Almond croissant - so GOOD

And if you want to check out Monique's review of un petit caffe. Then follow this link...
So if you're driving around Nedlands don't hesitate to stop - you won't be disappointed with the pastry and parisian feel to the shop. Well enjoy mon ami. Au revior..

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  1. Oh how cute Dani!

    Those pics turned out so well considering they were only from the phone!