Monday, June 7, 2010

perth winter

The first official fashion post...

I'd say the perfect outfit for a sunny winters day in Perth. The contrast in the soft blouse, and the ripped grungy jeans makes for a great balance. The kind of balance I need to remain a pretty, yet rather 'funky' young lady (if you can even say that anymore.) My apologies if this first blog isn't quite outrageous, but never fear - there's far more to come! Oh and how could I forget - many thanks to my darling little sister (who will not doubt feature on this blog due to her olive complexion and long legs) for taking my picture!

Camila and Marc polka-dot blouse, Insight ripped beanpole jeans, Witchery cardigan, Marcus B leather boots (loving the contained cowgirl feel of these babies), and yes, a grey Supre singlet to keep me covered. The belt I got from New Zealand at a ridiculously reduced price (something like $500 to $80), yet for the life of me I can't remember the name of the boutique! And my Mikey Mouse watch from Disneyland rarely leaves my wrist!
So until next time amigos...

Dan x


  1. EEKKK ! Danielle soo wonderful :)

    I promise to read every single blog !

    Love You

  2. Go Dan.
    cant wait to see what u do next.
    x x x x
    love gab

  3. I want Dan to dress me!

    (this is Mish your cousin btw. And I'm serious)