Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tony bianco, thank you...

So yesterday I was in the city and trying to find some black heels to replace the not quite so high anymore Tony Biancos from a couple of years ago! Well I finally found a pair that were sufficient, and only $50 
(that was my justification for buying them even though I wasn't in love with them!) Turns out however they were the last in the factory and they made a mistake - they were both left feet. Really what are the chances?
So I quickly moved hopeful to find another pair of black suede platform stilettos. And to my surprise there was nothing quite right. Until on the way out of the store Bella (my dear friend) spotted something from the corner of her eye, and I followed, only to find the most gorgeous pair of suede wedge booties. They are perfecto, and beats buying Jeffrey Campbell online. It was so much more of an experience to hold them in my hands and walk around the store like I was a model - come on, don't tell me you don't do that! Hehe. So the purchase was immediately made. I am excited to say the least!

Camilla and Marc polkadot blouse (again), staple grey dress, Leona Edmiston opaque tights, Tony Bianco wedges, Jewelery from 'Le Boudoir' and 'Claremont Accessorize' along with the tiger ring from 'Plant Video', and Mimco scarf

Unfortunately we didn't have great lighting to work with, but your get the idea.
Have a great day x

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