Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tuesday I went in to the city, looking for something completely different to what I recieved. However I was just thinking I needed to get my hair done, but not at the usual place I go - the girls are a bit, well, strange to me. So I walked in to Meyer and that second a lady came up to me offering me 50% off cut and colour at the salon upstairs. ooo I was so excited, and it feels so amazing! I had no idea there was a salon up there, but if you're looking for some awesome service go to the top floor of Meyer and ask for Gino at the MAXEEM SALON and the only thing disappointed will be your wallet...

We also gave Charlie a hair cut - it was a faimly affair and took about 45 mins to get the bulk done. But so worth the effort for this little puppy face.

This is the fifties look! I filmed it, but like I said my darno computer is just a little bit slow at the moment and I need to update him fully! So when I do I will show you how to get this look - definitely my favourite look in the whole world. So...

Nudie jeans, Supre singlet, Wish blouse, Country Road cardigan, Marcus B boots, Kit nail polish

Until next time Amigos,
Adios xx

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