Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tell me...

I want to do a makeup post very soon dear friends.
Pleease comment and tell me what kind of look you would like me to do.
Here are some suggestions if you need a little help yourself....

Kim Kardashian - ugh she wears an all black smokey eye perfectly
(thanks to Mario!)

Katy Perry - gun metal smokey eye

Metalic eye and dark lips

Lisa Marie Presley posing as Marilyn Munroe. Oh I wish I was a woman of the fifties.
Liquid liner and red lips are so darn beautiful..

So let me know some suggestions. Or I'll just pick haha.
Dan x


  1. why not do make up for different face types?
    or how to turn day into night easily? just some ideas xx love your blog babe!

  2. marilyn monroe! i think women of the fifties are amazing, and i have never been able to use liquid eye liner... comes out way too messy and looks ridiculous teach me how! love your blog as well