Thursday, September 2, 2010


Had a great brunch today at Cantina (Mt Lawley) with my dear friend Monique.
And as if you didn't already know, but she's the woman behind Mon Is Me (sheer brilliance.)
So I didn't bring in my camera to the cafe for some reason, but I did take some small rather terribly focused photos of the food on my iPhone. I did also resort to an attempt of self timer on my dash board - it sort of worked:) And again I didn't take a photo of my outfit (partially because I didn't have my photographer sister around) but I was wearing pink high waisted shorts. I seemed to think they were perfectly normal, but apparently people don't wear black tights, stripey shirts and baby pink shorts. Well let's say from all the looks I recieved today it had to be the abnormal presence of the pink. I think the two ladies who put down their coffee and did a complete 180 turn to point at me just as I looked up gave it away.
Anywhoo, Perth is far too safe. What is normal anyways?
Here are a few little cute snaps from the day.
Ohh and one last thing - the mushrooms (which I never usually indulge in) were rather delicious..

Dan xx


  1. I love your blog.

    I have the exact same Mickey Mouse watch from when I was like 6. Still wear it too :)

    Also just purchased those Giuseppe Zanotti wedges in your previous post, but in black. You're right, they are my best friends.


  2. Oh yay, I love my Mickey watch!
    My goodness, I am so jealous! I bet you adore them and treat them well just as I would ;) haha x