Monday, October 25, 2010

I do struggle...

mmm, seems I have yet again neglected my blog. I wasn't however allowed to use the internet for a while due to my little sister's wild obsession with Keeping up with the Kardashians, and wishing every person on Facebook happy birthday. So ofcourse that meant we all had to suffer - or personally pay the bill. Anyway, lot's been happening lately, and unfortunately not a lot of photographic evidence. So here's a completely random assortment of iPhone photos that I happen to like.
And I hereby swear that I will never leave this blog longer than a week without some sort of update!
Oh and the first two photos are from this awesome weekend that was held at Joondalup Arena. I was singing in the band, and this was my outfit for the Friday night. This preacher man came from Uganda and all of these people were healed. Honestly, the coolest thing ever to actually see what sweet stuff that God is capable of. So, here are some photos... hope you're entertained...

 bill. amazing hair dresser.
 some form of distraction in class.
 he's just too ridiculous.
 a large burger.
 the only way to eat vanilla ice-cream.
 some of my daily used makeup finally organised.
 making t.shirts for each other.
 the start of mine.
 charlie, shake.
 flowers just because he loves me.
 approximately 43 photos in this same position.
 more distraction.
 cantina - lunch.
 cantina - breakfast.
 more breakfast.
 the reveal of the awfully mustard gold magnum.
 ah yep. again in class.
good ending with some delish san.c and my baby sister

Dan xx

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