Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm embarrassed. I know. I made a promise and I broke it. But really, it wasn't my fault. My darling little sister managed to almost single handedly use our internet usage in half the usual time. Mmm so apologies for my absence. That is if you're actually reading this. Sometimes I wonder..
So many things went on while I was gone. One most significant, is that my biggest sister officially became a doctor. YAY. Dr Penelope O'Sullivan. I'm so proud of her, and she works darn hard to say the least so she deserved honours and that's what she got! Also, I'm leaving for Bunbury in approximately 7 hours so, good luck getting a post while I'm down there. I will try. In the meantime one of the family photos from Penny's Dedication/Graduation/Congratulation thing...

(Madeline, Mamma, Penelope, Dadda, Gabriella, Moi)

..I'll be back to regular soon I promise.
Although, I have said that before...

Dan x

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  1. I'm reading!
    That's so great about your sister!
    You have a beautiful family :)