Wednesday, November 10, 2010

middle of the road...

This is what I wore today...

In an ideal world I would have worn a pair of black six inch stileto booties, but let's face it, Perth just isn't ready for that kind of drama today. If i wasn't going to college perhaps I would have tried. But for now running outside with a pair of heels in my hand to catch the sunlight and take pretty photos for my blog is good enough. I'm sure we'll make it to that day soon when we loose the mentality that high heels are for night time or office jobs. Maybe I should be an advocate. Anyway, the weather was pretty drab today and it literally rained non stop for a good few hours. But when I got home I ran inside grabbed my camera and pulled my sister out the door. Honestly, how delectable is this lighting...

Wearing: Viktoria Woods cardigan, Muui fringe top, Nudie jeans, necklace from Periscope (twas a gift), and Mimco bag

P.S. The shoes pictured in the first and last photos are the RMK sandals that I bought the other day with Rach - they're already wearing out..
P.P.S. Thanks to Bella for lending me the top. ily :)

Dan x

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