Monday, November 15, 2010

some time ago...

A couple of months back now I did my beautiful best friend's hair and makeup for these football awards. No she doesn't play football, she was a date. The way we treated the evening was like the Brownlows, and let's be honest, she'd make a darn good wag. So I just thought I'd share the photos with you because she looks amaaaazing, and give you an idea of my makeup ability skill type thing (mind you, it's never hard to make a gorgeous face gorgeous.) Enjoy her high cheek bones, big eyes, and perfect jaw line...

And how amazing is this bettina liano dress. Makes you just want to twist around and see the ruffles swish. This is generally the kind of thing we bond over - makeup, clothes, and above all, food.
Oh btw, if you ever want to hire me as a makeup artist, feel free :)

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  1. Hi Danielle,

    We think these photos are great and the Bettina Liano dress looks amazing on your friend. Email me at if you think it's ok for us to feature this and the photos on our Bettina Liano social media.

    Best regards,