Thursday, February 10, 2011


Remember I told you that I purchased 3 pair of shoes on a little while ago. Well here is one of them. It was really cheap for the 3 of them (as expected with cheap brands) but I like the fact that you can't buy them on the shelf in Australia, so I feel pretty safe roaming the streets, knowing that I won't bump in to someone wearing the exact same outfit. Another reason being this dress. It was my sister's boyfriend's mum's. I wore it in the post from my Aunty's Birthday..have a look here if you like.
So I'm thinking that I should maybe do twitter. Get a few more followers or something like that. And run a competition soon to win something awesome. Oooh speaking of awesome things. that reminds me. I bought an absolutely gorgeous dress from Bettina Liano today (great sale. great valentines dress). Which then brings me to my next point. Bettina Liano put me on their facebook and twitter for wearing my pretty pink dress of theirs. Just thought I'd mention it, as I was a little bit happy hehe.

wearing: vintage dress. vintage belt. zigi girl boots. wild lily empire beaded cross. and typical dani. an array of eyeliner and pen on the back of my hand.

So if you think I should maybe twitter, give me some feedback. And I think almost every time I have asked for feedback I've had none. So we'll see how this goes....
Have a good day.
Dan x

1 comment:

  1. oh so stunning! loving the contrast between your totally beautiful polished look and the deconstruction of the background. Really makes your outfit pop!

    congrats on the exposure from Bettina Liano, loves her stuff and you sure looked amazing in that pretty dressy-dress.

    Yeah I say get on the twit! heaps of fun and us Perth Fashion Bloggers seem to stick together and its a great way to get to know everyone!