Tuesday, July 5, 2011


ciao friends.

so I said i would post as much as possible before I went away, but it would seem I have more time on holiday to post than ever. So here I am. Sitting in my hotel room in Rome for the first night of our family holiday and already sharing photos over the internet. Got to love this thing. So we left Perth, flew 5ish hours to Singapore, watched Beyonce in the waiting room for 3 hours and then headed 13ish hours to Rome. It's incredible. At first I felt a little like I was in Thailand with the smell of the gas from the scooters, and the chaos, but then you spot a well dressed young gentleman with his linen pants and cuffed suit jacket sporting a pair of aviators and stepping in to his Audi, and you know you're in Rome. So I feel like I should put a few photos up most days while I'm here, as I've been clicking non stop and need someone to appreciate all the photo opportunities in this ridiculously historic city. So here is la famiglia and all the things I expected Italy to put on display for me (such as small cars and washing out the window)...

tomorrow calls for a guided tour around Rome's main attractions. woo. shall report on that once I have recovered from sleep deprivation. buone notte x

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