Monday, July 25, 2011

So, currently in London and loving it. Been here the last couple of days seeing some of my family and spending time shopping and eating with one of my favourite people, Rachel. She flew over from Ireland after she rudely left me in Australia for the last 6 months and the last couple of days with her were awesome. 

So I still have loads of photos to upload from Assisi, Florence and France, but I thought it was time for an actual outfit post. Love this little star top. I may find myself over-wearing it..

wearing: Oh My Love sheer, star top and Japonica dress (topshop). Jonak (paris) lace up boots. YSL navy, leather belt (second hand from paris). Nars dragon girl lipstick.

I'll be back in Australia in a couple of days. Have mixed feelings about that, but living without my bed and Charlie is quite difficult. Until next time friends...
Dan x

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