Sunday, November 13, 2011

oui oui. paris.




just a few shots from paris. and despite all the rain it still charmed me. sorry about all the different photo sizes. i really struggled this time haha. anyway hope these make you a little bit jealous, but ultimately happy. i love travelling. something i will pursue for the rest of my life, and paris was just one of those places i wore whatever i wanted and felt pretty great about it. notice my stripes. one day i looked almost like a mockery with how frenchy i was. i loved it hehe. anyway here's just a little descriptive info:

1. the eiffel tower for about the 4th time
2. the lourve
3. the cool metro sign
4. climbed to stair 669 of the tower
5. popcorn and pomegranate soup at the tower dinner
6. our tickets
7. the hourly twinkle after 9pm
8. my gorgeous sister
9. again in the rain after some vintage shopping
10. amazing chandeliers in the notre dame
11. dad and i after the moulin rouge
12. laudree box
13. macaroons to die for. (we spent an unethical amount of money there)
14. another stripy moment looking out on the boat tour
15. having way too much fun without our 4th sister in the hotel room
(wish you were there pen!)

lots of love.
dan x


  1. Paris looks beautiful even with rain.
    Lovely photos :)

  2. So glad I found your blog! I LOVE travel too! Paris is amazing! You got some great pictures!

    Ta-taa for now,