Wednesday, April 4, 2012

animal print

ah the mullet dress. it's a trend that's gone mildly crazy. and i must say i do actually enjoy it. this is a minkpink dress. i just tied this ridiculous singlet top thing over it. the giraffe is hilarious i must say. i love it. it's also from that lucky thirteen store in the city. i'd say it cost me $13. and the boots are the same ones i got from paris. now i'm not sure if you can see too well, but the rings i'm wearing i made from chains. literally unlinked and then relinked a few pieces of chain. thinking i might get some finer stuff and make a few little ones to bunch together. but it's a super cute idea. (same idea as the chain necklace from 2 posts ago.) so i want to do something to my hair. coz it's boring and the blondiness is making it a little drier than i prefer. i just don't know what to do. i think you'll find i'll head back to my comfort zone and just darken/richen the whole thing. leave it long and brown. that's what i do.
in other news i'm a little sad as i'm getting braces in a couple of weeks. the day after my 20th birthday to be precise. yet also happy as i'm off to sydney in june/july to attend hillsong, and hang with my great friends. one of which will be rachel, attending from ireland. woo. so look forward to actually buying some clothes and having some fun stuff to show you ;)
dan x


  1. i love it at all! simpla and chic!!!!

  2. Although I think the 'mullet skirt' trend was completely overdone in some cases, I still enjoy great pieces like the dress you're wearing. I especially love the way you have styled it with the cute singlet and a great pair of boots! Great blog too girl, glad I've discovered it!

    1. Ah yes the mullet skirt still lingers. i think it has been impressionable enough to stay for a while. but indeed, has been overdone. but thank you so much. i'm glad i made you warm to the trend instead of bored haha x