Saturday, April 21, 2012


so it was my birthday yesterday. yay. i've officially left my teenage years behind me and have entered the mature world of the 20's. i feel instantly more responsible.. joking. i feel exactly the same. but it is kind of strange to say that i'm 20. i could have sworn yesterday i was only 12. anyway i had a really lovely day. my mum, two of my sisters and my best friend and i went to must winebar in mt lawley for some tres delicieux french food.
my mamma bought me this skirt and jumper too. which i lovve. the skirt is zimmermann and the jumper is a+ro. it's bright and wild and probably a lot of people don't like it. but it made me feel great. i must say i felt like i could have been anywhere in the world. i'm not sure if that at all makes sense. but you know when you wear things and it makes you feel like you could be anywhere? maybe? okay. well. point is, i like the jumpy. and this bracelet i also adore. my sister bought it for my birthday. from zara bryson. (great selection of jewellery there.) so there you go. that was me on my birthday.
and my last piece of information for you..
today i got braces. so if i don't upload a photo of me for a while, you know why.
dan xx


  1. love the first photo in the middle of the street, i feel i need to see this jumper in the flesh to get an idead of how flourecent it is... just looks like a nice yellow to me haha

  2. Happy belated birthday!! You look gorgeous - I love your skirt and that necklace looks so good against the jumper. I never knew skulls could be so cute. I'm turning 20 this year's going to be strange haha xx