Tuesday, May 29, 2012

flowers and short hair..

so i'm kind of tapping in to this whole floral thing that's happening right now. i mean it was kind of on accident. and it's kind of not so happening in australia due to the cooling weather, but it's pretty on trend in the rest of the world. i actually just found this shirt in the closet down stairs. my mum seems to think it's my sister's, but i'm fairly certain it's a men's shirt. a bit bold for a man. and a bit large for me. but in this combination it works superbly. i really like the whole short jumper with the long shirt hanging out thing. although combined with these american apparel riding pants, i do tend to look a little equestrian.
oh. and i cut my hair. so here it is, all cut. i literally half my hair off. you'd think i'd be sad considering how long my hair was before, but it cut it like 5 times last year in some sort of preparation for this big jump. so there have been no tears shed yet, and i'm still hopeful for none to come. anyway new post on some new hectic shoes coming up. lots of love, and please vote on the link i posted below. xx.

elise vivienne

hi friends.
so keeping in the theme of fashion, i want to introduce you to a budding local fashion designer. elise vivienne. we knew each other from years back when i lived in bunbury, and it's so marvellous to see her doing something so fun and creative. she definitely has an eye for it. so to the point, she has entered a competition. it is essentially to launch your own fashion label, and there are only a few days left in the competition. so it would be amazing if you could all click here and vote for her! she has worked hard for the last few years and it would be such a blessing for her, and exciting for us to see some local talent get the recognition she deserves. thank you dears xx.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

poppy lissiman

this skirt is poppy lissiman. the one i was telling you about. i really enjoy it. there is one strange thing though where the dress drapes over the butt. and from some angles, like, i swear, i look like kim kardashian. then again. perhaps that's not so bad. anyway i really love this skirt. it's so petal-like. now. you may have potentially noticed my skin colour. as of a couple of weeks ago (when these photos were taken) i've decided not to fake tan. trying to embrace my white-ness and just be that. plus these skin coloured shoes do their job when my skin matches them.