Monday, June 4, 2012

made for walking

man it's hard taking blog photos and trying not to show your teeth.
apologies for the weird facial expressions. anyway. so these boots. i know they're kind of hectic. but i really like them. i bought them off asos the other day as they were on sale and there was free shipping and i just wanted to buy something purely off those two factors. i think they're kind of funky. in a cool way. hopefully i will get lots of wear out of them. the one time i've worn them i've had mixed feedback. mainly people have asked me if i was travelling to the snow. or the moon. but no. just going about life. in moon-boots. it's kind of awesome actually. anyway i should get over those comments soon and start wearing them a lot more. i'm going to sydney in 4 weeks so i will rock them there. as sydney is not quite as scared as perth. so excited. ah! i'll take lots of photos for you i promise.
wearing: dad's vest. marcs top. american apparel skirt. asos boots.
dan xx