Tuesday, October 16, 2012

marc jacobs. i do love you

recently bought this cool watch that everyone thinks is cool. and expensive. but it's not. how sneaky when you buy something cheap and get many many complimentos.

top: Supre
skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs (can't find online)
(something similar in style here and here maybe even here)
boots: Topshop (similar ones here and here)
watch: Retro Safari

when i went to supre to get some stuff for a shoot i was doing, found this shirt for $2, and i mean as if i wouldn't buy it. it's 2 dollars. but also surprisingly cheap was this watch that i scored for $20. the band is a bit lame as it's just a little hole punched with a stud coming out to attatch itself to. not so sure i explained that right. but the point is i think i'll need an actual buckle type strap. on the hunt for a cool summer link watch something white maybe. i think i've got my heart set on this guy here. just why does everything have to cost money! maybe christmas time someone would be so kind as to purchase me such a thing. family. friends. anyone who's reading this ;) so speaking of marc jacobs, this skirt my sister bought in singapore. i love it. but it is kind of annoyingly a little too big. so i just rolled it at the top instead of using a belt. makes it a bit shorter and tighter. also i'll show ya'll the photos from the shoot i did with my great friend lance and megan and her other friend mark. the theme was skater girl glam in the summer time. i guess mark was like her attractive accessory, without being too degrading to the male race. it was fun and i love doing styling and makeup. pretty much just having control.
to red lipstick and skateboards.
dan xx

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  1. Pretty skirt - the style is so feminine.