Wednesday, October 3, 2012

isabel marant willow

so sneakers. they're strangely in fashion, and i keep having this urge to buy the isabel marant inspired wedged sneakers but never follow through. so here's me weaning in the trend.

tshirt: Peter Alexander (mm it's a pyjama top)
dress: Cameo
belt: Alannah Hill
shoes: Nike (from years ago)

thought I'd dress down this dress by putting a tshirt under it. kind of makes the old sneakers a little less random. got the dress on sale from zara bryson which makes me love it that much more. on the link above you should see it has this bizarre exposed tie thing which i chose to cover with a belt. sort of like it better this way. plus i had major issues with actually tying the thing in any sort of way that actually looked normal. i also got my hair cut again. my intention was to get it a little lighter, then a trim. yeah. officially never getting my hair cut at the hairdressers again. i'll leave it to mamma. she took about 2 inches off, which is a lot when you're trying to grow it. i don't know. sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it. no. actually that's a lie. i never haaate it, but certainly long for my old locks. that's enough about hair. back on to the shoe topic. so these sneakers here are whats circling the fashion world at the mo. well they're probably beginning to circle out but i have a major love hate relationship with them. there's something elephant like about them. but somehow cool. like that great blend of dressy and casual. some cheaper versions like this and this also appeal to me. i just don't know. what do you think?
perhaps our next meeting will be in 2.5 inch comfort.

dan xx

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