Sunday, December 16, 2012

candy soul

i can't believe it's been two months. so sorry.
that just shows how truly busy the end of the year can get.

dress: Miss Unkon
belt: Yves Saint Laurent (paris)
shoes: Moschino (singapore)

i had fun editing these photos. i kind of feel like life would be more romantic if we saw everything in pink and blue. for those of you who use photo shop, this edit is using some of nirimi's actions from the colour shop (i used candy). and for those of you who are unfamiliar with nirimi's work, make yourself familiar. she's beautiful. speaking of great photographers, i just recently did a little shoot with rachel claire that i can't wait to see. she really is so sweet and her work is stunning. now on to the topic of the clothing. this dress is my sisters (thanks mad) that i have not actually worn anywhere. but it makes for a cute outfit and some great photos. and these shoes i scored on sale in singapore. i love them. and realised i have no close up of them, but can you see the mini gold love heart cut outs all over them. it's darn cute. so in other news, i'm working on a new blog. and in case you couldn't tell from my frequent prolonged absences, i'm not the greatest at keeping this baby updated. however my master plan for next year is to launch this new blog that is a super hybrid of some very important things in my life. and considering i will no longer be studying, i will have time. so watch this space for a cool new exciting music and fashion and food and everything cool (as cool as i can be) update.
dan xx


  1. These photos are gorgeous, so dreamy! Looking forward to the new site :)

    Steph xx