Tuesday, July 30, 2013

leather sleeves

bought this coat the other day. it's a couple of sizes too big for me, but i'm really trying to make it work. sometimes i'm just unsure when over sized is no longer stylish and just simply too big.

had a small interruption. heavy duty vehicle passing through.

boots: Topshop (alternatives here or here)
necklace: Sportsgirl

 this dress when not on actually looks like a big rectangle with these large triangles attatched to each side. kind of like a rocket. then you wrap the launch pad triangles and wrap them up, and ta-da. you have a super cute fited dress. i think the idea is groovy, as well as the pattern. the dress is totally adaptable to each season so i'm pretty pleased with the purchase. also, it would seem that i am not in new york. i am still here in perth. the trip has been delayed for anyone wondering. official departure date is dec 26th. i'm going to da snowwww. i'm excited. also excited about my new blog. its nearly done! working away as we speak.

dan xx